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Hello From Staten Island

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Hello from Staten Island, New York!


I'm a young scouter, turning 19 in September. Just made Eagle last year and wanted a place to discuss scouting. I've remained active in my Troop with some of my fellow Eagles and visit whenever I'm back from college.


Hope to share some great tips from my Troop as well as learn from others!


Preparing to go on a canoe trip at TMR this weekend. Gotta finish up some business for clients before then :)



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Welcome and Scout Greetings from a brother Scout from Austria.


It is great that you stay active in your Troop and that you volunteer and in this way you give back what you experienced.


It was similar in my Scout group with my Rover Crew (our Senior Scout programme for 16-20 years old). Nearly all of my friends from our Crew volunteered and now serve as leaders or on the Scout Group Committee. We old Rovers (Once a Rover always a Rover) are all looking forward to the Summer Camp of our Group with all age sections from Cub Scouts to the Rovers on a farm on a lake in July.

In Austria all age sections (pack, troop, Explorer Scout Troop, Rover Crew) for boys and girls form one unit under the leadership of one Group Scoutmaster and one Scout Group Committee.(This message has been edited by phips)

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