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The use of cattle prods

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Thanks for your opinion. I agree that it is a balance, how much are you involved along with giving them space to grow. As far as adult fulfilment... absolutely! People wouldn't be scouters or teachers without the fulfilment that you get working with kids. I know for sure it isn't the paycheck! :)


I wonder if anyone has tried a "waiting period" before adult scouters can become involved? Curious how that would go over. Anyone ever try it?


Why is it though that we have so many adults "helping" at the Troop level and not at the Pack?


It is like pulling teeth to get adult involvement in our Pack. That same fulfilment is there.... when I receive a big hug from one of my cub scouts it makes your heart melt!


Its weird.

When it is adult run, you can't get the adults.

When it is boy run, may get too much "help".

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We don't do "waiting periods" with new adults but we have started to interview adults before we let them sign that adult application..mainly to find out what their committment level is! We got tired of having tons of people on the roster who did nothing..half of them we didn't even KNOW because they had been on the roster for so long!! When we do then find adults who want to really help, we first sign them on as Committee members. This gives them a chance to get their feet wet slowing in how the troop is supposed to operate and also then gives us a chance to get them trained before they move into the ASM job.


Sue m.

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Hi Sue,


That is sort of the route I have chosen... I am serving on the committee, mainly on BOR and helping out at events if they need additional adults.


I would like to go ahead and start taking some of the ASM training this year, I think it would be very useful in trying to help my Webelos transition to Boy Scouts. I am one of those that wants the training prior to actually being in the position! :)

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This is interesting discussion for it is not at all strange to me. We have several scouts who are athletes and love scouting at the same time. We advise the parents to let the boys choose their paths. If the boy doesn't like sport, he'll let you know. If he doesn't like scouting, he'll show it. It is very unproductive to force a boy to do what he does not like to do; as a matter of fact, he will repel and he will make it miserable for all who are involved.


As for our scouts who are athletes, two dropped out and devoted themselves to baseball and football. The remaining athletes, they continued to come as much as they can. Three of them are 1st Class, one is still 2nd class, and 2 are Star scouts! It takes longer for them earn their ranks, but who is in a hurry anyway? They have up to 18 to earn their Eagle ranking! ;)


Bottom line, if they enjoy both, then why not let them choose or do both! Side note, our troop can afford it since we have 70+ boys and if a few don't show up, we are not at a lost for lack of boys. I'm not sure if I can say the same for troops that have 20 or fewer boys.


Good luck,



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