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Scout expelled

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Kids in public schools have due process rights. Kids in volunteer-run private activities do not. Both organizations acted within their rules and mandates, eh?


Nothin' much to be done, except to voice your thoughts in person and in writing to the COR; respectfully, gently, with supporting evidence, so that if other such things come up in the future there may be more skepticism of the strong views of one long-time volunteer.


It's always hard to judge these things from outside. Good volunteers and well-run programs can't always err on the side of "save every boy," because that as likely as not means "lose most boys" as they and their parents leave because they can no longer tolerate the behavior of the (bully, drug user, thief, etc.) someone wants to save.


At the same time, programs can & should stretch to help kids, and should care about figurin' out da truth of things when the consequences are serious.


My guess is that the parents' experience with their older son has made them hyperprotective of da younger one. That's a position to understand and be sympathatic toward, but not necessarily to allow to control the program.



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I would think that this COR is opening himself and the troop up to legal action. The boy expelled may very well have been slandered. If he is no longer using drugs and this adult implied he is and it caused him to be removed from the troop you all might be in trouble.


Kids need second chances. We should give this to them. And esecially kids like this who have been in trouble and straightened their acts up.


If this parent is so insensed about this boy having used drugs at one time. I can understand why their son might be having trouble.

But I would recommend that your troop consult an attorney and make sure you haven't exposed yourselves up to a real snake pit.


As far as loyality. Maybe the SM's loyality should be to truth and honesty. And not to a parent that in all possibilities has lied.(This message has been edited by Lynda J)

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"The boy had allegedly made comments about past behavior relating to past drug use and other innapropriate activities."

Doesn't look to me like past drug use was proven, just alleged.

That's a huge difference.

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