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BSA Bike Safety Guidelines

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9. Bicycle Accessories

Every bike needs a horn or bell and reflectors (front, back, and sides). Items should be carried only in baskets, in saddlebags, or on a rear carrier rack. If you must ride in traffic, a bike- or helmet-mounted mirror is recommended. For long trips, a bike-mounted container for drinking water is recommended.



My Troop is getting into Mountain biking. I realize it is a guideline, but horn or bell on all bikes? Am I crazy, or are you going to honk to get the moose to move?


Any comments?

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Kinda dumb requirement. I do not have a horn or bell on my bike and neither does my (grown)son who used to work as a bike mechanic and owns a couple of mountain bikes. From early on he learned to say "Passing on your left" whenever approaching pedestrians or other cyclists from behind. This practice has its limitations but is sufficient and if the pedestrian has there ipod cranked up (as so many do) even a fog horn won't get their attention.


You can't buy a bike without reflectors. I've even seen stationary exercise cycles that have reflectors on the pedals because it is illegal to import pedals without the reflectors.



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Yah, readin' these things too closely can make your head hurt, eh? If I recall correctly, small sunfish sailboats are required to have fire extinguishers and running lights too, eh?


I'm not much of a biker, but da thought of a bunch of mountain bikers ringin' little bells while they go trail ridin' brings me to giggles.


Seems like a mirror is a good idea.


Seems like wearin' a camelback would be a much better choice these days than a bike-mounted water bottle. Leastways, that's what the kids seem to do. And I can't imagine why they'd object to a Camelback-style day pack for carryin' a few things.


If lads are really ridin' at night where they need reflectors, I think they're far better off usin' those little red LED taillights and shirts/jackets with reflector tape. I can see those a lot better as a driver.




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Highway guidelines, I think, and not needed for trail riding. And, as I've demonstrated from time to time, trees don't get out of the way no matter how loud you are.


For the roadway, however, there is real danger so take all the precautions you can.

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A bell? C'mon, everyone knows a well placed kick is better.


Actually, as a pretty active cyclist, I'm gonna throw my 2 cents in.


Helmet- absolutey. In all instances.


Headlight- yes. Preferably a LED with a strobe function. Headlights are more to be seen than to see. The eye is attracted to light and the blinking LED headlight can be see for up to a mile.


Rear tailight-absolutely. I sometimes use multiple blinkies.


Reflectors-maybe. I have none on my roadbike. The wheel mounted ones throw off the balance. Redundant if there is proper lighting.


Bell-No way. I sometimes carry a whistle when I'm a ride leader. A well placed callout or yell is more effective.


Mirror-only if the rider is a good experienced one. Some riders tend to look more in the rearview that in front. I use one that clips to my sunglasses


Wraparound sunglasses-yes. Keeps bugs and dust out. Mine have multiple lenses to change for the conditions.


Water bottle or Camelback-absolutely. I prefer bottles. Easier to drink and you can pour water into your helmet vent holes on really hot days.


Lastly, I recommend obnoxiously bringht colors for what I call "obnoxious visibility."

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I agree with raisinemright.


I would like to add a few things having had many years with 2000 plus road miles.


Helmet and Glasses are absolutes no one should mount a bike without them.


Dog Tags - I wear them every time I ride. They have essential information on them like name, address, contact number and blood type.


Clip-on blinking light. My wife got this for me as a gift. It clips on your jersey pocket and can be scene from far away. The cool thing is that if you are on doing something like fixing a flat on the side of the road cars coming up from behind you can still see the light from far away. It is light enough that you don't even notice it is there. The clip is really good so you don't have to worry about it.


The Dog tags and blinking light can be gotten from www.RoadID.com. I am not affiliated with RoadId in anyway other being a customer.




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