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Adult meals at campouts - Eat with the patrols?

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One of the joys about cooking on-board a boat is that as a rule there isn't to many people. While the stove isn't very big, it normally works without too much effort!!

Back home when I was a Scout, only the adults had gas stoves and they tended to use them only at night to make the coca for everyone after the night activity.

When I became Scoutmaster, I needed the caffeine jolt in the AM before I could face the day and the little darlings. (Back then I was a big tea drinker -But the tea on this side of the pond isn't worth drinking!!)

While I can eat and do enjoy some hot and spicy food. I don't enjoy the addition of hot sauce just to prove that I can take it.

Some of our male Sea Scouts think that there is something very mucho about being able to eat food that is covered in hot sauce.

When I do the cooking I try to introduce our Scouts to foods that some of them have never tried before. Black bean soup seems to be a hit.

Curry didn't go over that well. Soft shelled crab wasn't very popular.

They thought I was nuts when I added Balsamic vinegar to strawberries!! Frog legs went over fairly well.

I haven't tried it yet but they seem really interested in trying Spotted Dick. I think we will have it after a good Toad In The Hole.


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