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Are any of your jambo troops working on the various special awards that are offered? If so, do these awards require participation of every boy in the troop, or can they be earned just by the boys who are interested? I'm asking because my son's jambo troop leaders seem to have a new award that the boys are supposed to be working on, every month. My son is not especially interested, but also doesn't want to be the only guy to let the troop down. (Actually what he said was, the guys don't care much - it is the adults who want them to earn these). I know there's an emergency prep award and one about personal fitness. Any thoughts? How big a deal are these?





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My sons' troop is working on the Emergency Prep award. Their opinion is about the same as your son's. I had a casual conversation with one of the ASMs about it and asked how it was decided the troop would earn the award. He didn't know so I assume it was decided by the steering committee.


I think it would be great if the troop worked on some common project as a team-building activity. This doesn't seem like it. The only thing the troop has done together was to listen to a lecture by a firefighter on emergency planning. The rest seems to be a individual push to earn First Aid and Emergency Prep merit badges. That mostly seems to target the younger guys. My sons earned those MBs long ago. The award doesn't seem to do much to get the boys working together.

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