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Trading Patches at Jambo 2010

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Now, this may be a sign of me getting old... But does anyone else feel as if patch sets are getting out of hand? When I went as a youth, you had your 6 or 7-patch sets, one for each contingent troop in a council plus a staff or adult patch or two, maybe a jacket patch, an OA flap, maybe a t-shirt to go with it. I know I traded my sets and troop t-shirts and stuff for other council sets, and came home with some cool stuff. But there wasn't anything that was out of reach or too many patches to collect.


This year, it seems there's many councils out there with 20 or 25-patch sets! Unique JSP's for each patrol in a troop, etc. Not only does this make trading a rather difficult proposition, but it's expensive. I got the order form for my council's patches and just decided I simply can't afford trading this time around. I picked up a few extras to trade with people at my staffing location, but that's it.


Is it time for Nationals to rein in JSP parameters for 2013? When is creativity and originality going too far?

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Piedmont Boy Scouts Release a Limited Edition 100th Anniversary Patch

2010 National Jamboree Patches Smallest Council in the United States


Rarest patches in the country


Visit: http://www.piedmontbsa.org/jamboree2010/patches.php


2010 Centennial National Scout Jamboree


The Piedmont Council has produced a unique shoulder patch for the 2010 National Jamboree in honor of the 100 year anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America and recognizing Pete Docter, a Piedmont resident and the Oscar award winning director of the Disney-Pixar Studios movie Up.


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