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How is your Council selecting leaders for the Jambo?

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We also have an interview process as well. You must submit a resume, show that you have adequate vacation time and finances to pay for the trip, and then you can be interviewed. I believe there are 3 to 4 scouters for every open position being filled. From one of my fellow Wood Badgers who is applying, I am led to believe there is also a fair amount of politicing that goes on as well.

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I think most councils do interviews. But they probably only spend time interviewing the top candidates. When I applied for a position as a contingent leader way back for the 89 Jamboree, I never got interviewed, because I was turned down without them doing that.


But am surprised your council is only now doing interviews. The councils I work with picked their leaders a good six months or so ago, and they are rapidly filling up their troops. I think they will probably have them all filled by the end of the year and start having a waiting list.



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