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BIIIG Scout Statue

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Its a moot point now. The boy has his Eagle.


He had to see it though the State Supreme Court. Someone sued.


(Maybe the plaintiff thought the statue wasnt a worthy Eagle Project)


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He started when he was a 14 year old Life Scout. He is now a 16 year old Eagle Scout.


From a copy of his flyer, found online, it states that his actual Eagle project was "to publicize the monument project, and initiate the raising of the required funds".


While I also have a bit of a problem with using this as an Eagle project, the Great Salt Lake Council obviously did not.


As for being some kind of service to the community, the city council saw enough of a benefit to pursue this through the courts after being sued.


I must say, Eagle project aside, this was an EXTREMELY ambitious project for a 14 year old to take on. Good for him!

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