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Troop Committee authority - exceeded?

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Perhaps this problem with the calendar should be discussed with the parents of the scouts. Would it be possible for the PLC send a letter home with the boys in the troop (or mail/e-mail) them on whether or not they plan on allowing their boy attend certain meetings that fall on holidays? This would give the PLC an idea on whether or not to hold a meeting on that particular holiday. It may not solve the problem with the Troop Committee, but it might help schedule the meetings. If parents have no plans and there's a possibility a majority of the troop shows up, then have the meeting. Otherwise don't hold one. But that is the decision of the scouters as well as the scouts. Make sure you have enough leaders attending the meeting as well!


What would happen if you held a meeting without the Committee's approval? Probably nothing but an unearned tounge-lashing!

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