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Award Nominee was awarded District Award of Merit

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I recently submitted a nomination for a local scouter for the District Award of Merit.


Last night I had the pleasure of seeing that individual recieve that award. It was quite a thrill to see that. They have worked hard with little thought to recognition and very deserving of the honor.


It made me quite happy to know that my nomination helped recognize thier efforts.


They were quite surprised too =)

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Terrific! I was awarded the DAM last year, after being submitted by a fellow who won it himself at the same time. It was indeed an amazing and humbling honor. I think I hugged 45-50 people that night! I find that now, I watch fellow Scouters and think to myself, could I make a good speech about their stuff, enough to nominate them?


Of course, the best story that goes along with this event was how I was notified. Our district commissioner, a very nice man who is NOT known for his sense of humor, called me one day. He said, "Hi Tami, hey - I have some great news for you. I just saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico insurance!"


I laughed so hard I had tears running down my cheeks! When I composed myself, he told me about my nomination and selection. *YAY*

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