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What is the best way to do the accounting budget for the Troop? Also, what are your guidelines on Scout accounts like how do you do Troop fundraising and split it among the Scouts and what percent do you keep for the Troop operating expences? What can the Scout use his account for? What do you do when the Scout leaves the Troop and there is funds left in his account?

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Troopledger is a pretty nice - albeit slightly cumbersome - tool to help with budgeting and Troop accounting. If you track what you spend well (propane, charcoal, awards, patches, etc.,) you should be able to come up with a per Scout or per campout average to help with budgeting.


We allow Scout accounts to be used for things like summer camp, high adventure, registration and other troop related expenses a boy might handle. I'm not an accountant, but you have to be careful what you do with a youth's Scout account when he leaves the Troop. My understanding is that if you just "cash-out" and give the Scout a check for the balance, you risk losing the "non-profit" status your Troop has.


One way to possible use up funds left over is to help pay for expenses related to an Eagle COH. I believe that would keep you out of trouble and put some relief on the Eagles parents for reception type items.

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scout accounts as such are problematic...


point of clarification the vast number of troops (if not nearly all) are technically not "non-profit". If allowed to do so by their IRS approved "non-profit" C.O. then they may take on some of the trappings of a Non-profit but it is my understanding that BSA national, Council and Districts are the only generally IRS accepted "non-profit"in the BSA umbrella. (excepting the very few troops that may have incorporated as true 501 © 3's).


so tread carefully and check the old threads...

anarchist(This message has been edited by anarchist)

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Should packs and troops all over the country be paying taxes on all income from that popcorn they sell? This is where your suggestion is leading.


And then there is the case of Girl Scout Cookies.


This could be one way for the government to collect enough taxes to pay the social security benefits of the baby boomers, or maybe pay for the war in Iraq.


Taxes on popcorn and cookies, good idea????

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