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Hi All,


Actually I will make this two questions...


1) are you, your units, your scouts, etc planning to chat on scoutlink.net during JOTI?


2) If you are planning to chat, would you like to chat with a mischievous wacky scouter from Las Vegas, please let me know so I can watch out for you ... I should be on most of the weekend ....


For those of you who don't know JOTI runs from October 20th midnight (your local time) to October 22 midnight (your local time) .... additional info at joti.org and soon be available at joti.scoutlink.net ... and yes BSA does recognize JOTI now ...

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Hi Insanescouter

We are working on getting our Troop to come for a chat. The Beasties and I will be happy to chat with someone from the southern part of our State


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