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Some of you know that National is issuing standard lodge software (completely voluntary) at NOAC 2006. A small group of dedicated OA members have been programming for about a year. Eleven lodges have been testing the first release for about two months and are now testing the b version of the first release. Many, many things that the national office (both BSA and OA) does leave much to be desired, but as someone who is involved in the testing I can assure you that this is something that will revolutionize OA record keeping. For example: the data will be stored at national so backups are done automatically (but password protected by the lodges) and every event in a members history will be recorded and kept permanently. Goto http://www.lodgemaster.org/about/ to get the details.

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Mr JG,


Welcome to the forums.


It'll be interesting to see how this SW cross-platforms to/from ScoutNet. BSA has a very comprehensive basic database. It should, to my 1KB of flesh/blood RAM, be a no-brainer to port over info by BSA number and then add in Arrow-specific data.


HOWEVER: Having gone through Internet Recharter a year ago, and finding out there are substantial changes to the Internet Recharter this year, I trust the National Office as much as I trust Texans to drive on back ice (I don't).

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