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You can have it if all Boy Scouting has become is an idealist clique. I'll send the badge too.


Your statement seems so full of anger; it makes me wonder if you are truly, at the end of the day,...happy with {yourself} in life.


I mean, why be so angry with an idealist organization that has no current personal bearing on your life? If your badge means nothing, then let it mean nothing; no anger, frustration, attacks, displeasure, and ultimately disappointment.


Let it go without the anger, estranged resentment and dishearten response.

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Did you like the Eagle Charge you recieved when you earned Eagle? If so then calm down. No one has asked for your Eagle award back.


No, if you met the requirements at the the time no one is going to come take it.


No, if you were to announce you were gay today no ones is going to come and take it.


You do not have to like some one elses Eagle Charge nor do you have to snap at them because of it.


Your Eagle was presented to you in a kind and respectful manner, you could at least consider holding on to it the same way.




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It was not my attention come out harsh.


Whether you realize it or not, those in various communities will place Eagle Scouts (Those who consider themselves Eagles or those who earned Eagle) will place that individual on a higher pedastal. In simple language, if someone finds out you have earned Eagle Scout they will have higher expectations of you. Thus you will be held accountable (by your hometown, your troop, and your fellow Eagle Scouts)


Am I asking for all Eagle Scouts to be perfect...No (if life were perfect, then life would be extremely dull). Nobody is perfect. Everyone has a flaw and makes mistakes at times. Those who make mistakes can have second chances (and I am a firm believer in that).


I think about a line in the Scout oath..."On My Honor, I will do my best..." We need to do our best to make the legacy of Eagle Scouts (Past, Present, and Future) a great one.


The Eagle Scout Challenge, to me, is a "sound-check" into my spirit. There are days that I fall short. Do I give up? No! I just get back up, brush myself off, and go again.


Before you get angry about the situation, just remember that you are being held on a higher standard now. But, there are only two people that are judging you who have the right to. The first one is God. The second one is "the man in the mirror" (sorry for the MJ reference).


Believe it or not, with the loss of my parents (which they both died in 2004), my Eagle Scout rank means alot to me NOW then when I earned it in 1992.

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Now as a Scout leader the boys look at the knot and say, "You made Eagle?" My response is the same. "Yes I did. That was for my day. But today Scouting is all about you son. How are you doing on the trail to Eagle?"


Always take the opportunity to inspire others.

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Kahuna said it best. An Eagle Scout is only a "former" Eagle Scout when National takes it away.


You can leave scouting and go on with your life, but unfortunately, "Once an Eagle Always and Eagle". Whether or not you choose to continue in the Boy Scout program, you are an Eagle Scout for life.


I am proud of obtaining Scouting highest award. I became one of the elite in the scouting program when I obtained this honor on July 13, 1984 and I am still involved with the program as an adult in several areas of the program: troop level, district level and council level.


Receiving the "Eagle Scoout" award is nothing to sneeze at, it does take some hard work to get this far and nowadays I see more and more scouts getting help from their parents when it comes to the project portion of the life to Eagle process(another post, another day).


An earlier post mentioned that after the BOR was complete that they(those who sat on the BOR) congratulated the scout on becoming an "Eagle Scout. A scout who has successfully completed the BOR phase of his "Trail to Eagle" IS NOT considered an "Eagle Scout" until the paperwork has come back from the National office. Until that time a scout is only considered a "Candidate", because National can and has red flagged many a scout's application to be awarded the ramk of Eagle Scout, because information that was on the application did not match their records.








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Here you are, kinda typical, spoiled rotten, lazy, punk, spewing out all this anti-establishment crap. "Screw the Challenge" That's classic.


You can send your paper, badge, and medal to me. I'll take them. Or were you just lying again. You obviously lied when you accepted the charge or challenge, you were obviously lying when you appeared at BOR's. You are definately undeserving and ought to write to officially take your name of the rolls. Quit talking about it, quit your trolling and flaming, and act on it. "Put up or shut up".


Your Scoutmaster must have been a serious doofus for you to slip through the cracks like you did.


You embarrass me and I don't even know you.


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