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Maybe not a "patch", 

Way back in 2005 (not quite ancient history, but still....)  I served as a Chaplain (Religious Society of Friends) at the National Jamboree at what was then titled Fort A. P. Hill.  Even then, when I found out who Hill was, I wondered, "they named a US Army Base after a Confederate General ???"  . I am glad we settled that mistake.  

Anyhow, I was issued a real live  gen-you-wine  Jamboree BICYCLE !  Helped me get around on my Chaplain duties. Even gave me a bike lock with it.  Yes, I have some stories, another time....   

At the end of the Jamboree, I was told I could BUY IT and take it home, so I did  ( a bargain for a "used" bike !)  Scout son rode it for a while at home, then out grew it. He later became a bike trip leader for Baltimore  Yearly Meeting summer camp (up and down the Shenandoah Valley).  For that, we  got him  a larger, more able bike .   He took that with him when he "grew up" , The Jambo bike went into the storge shed.  

Now,  Here it is, time to find it a new home.   Any ideas?  FB Market place?   Scout Memorabilia site?   Make me an offer?  

Tires hold air, sealed bearings, 15 speed Suntour deraileurs, it's a SCHWINN "RANGER" (!) made in china....





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