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Old GS first aid kit, Picric Acid gauze pads, police bomb disposal (CA)

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An owner was sorting through a box of her deceased mother’s antiques. Among the items was a 1936 Girl Scout first aid kit which contained two picric acid gauze pads. ... Orovile, CA police were called for proper disposal.


Friday, January 5th, 2024, at approximately 1:19 pm, the Oroville Police Department received a call for service regarding a possibly explosive substance in the downtown area.
The business owner advised they were going through antique items, which they had been handling for several days, and located two picric acid gauze pads in a first aid kit from the 1930s. The chemical picric acid was used as an explosive in large quantities and an antiseptic in small quantities in the past. If the chemical becomes dry, it becomes unstable and has the possibility of spontaneously combusting.
As a safety precaution, the bomb squad was called out to the scene, and safety measures were taken. Residents and businesses in the east portion of the block of Huntoon Street and Montgomery Street were contacted and advised to evacuate if possible. The roadway of Huntoon Street at that block was also barricaded to limit vehicles and pedestrians from traveling in the area. Butte EMS were staged as well.
The bomb squad personnel arrived on scene and, within minutes, were able to collect the two gauze pads without incident.

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