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Advice Needed for Cub Scout program

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1. Not enough adult help. Our pack stresses this from the beginning of Lions/Tigers, when the adult is required to join with the scout: Cub Scouts is not a drop your kid off and pick them up later activity. It requires family involvement. We have parents active in den activities from the start. And we welcome entire families into  Pack activities. Bring the older kids, bring babies. It's kind of a zoo, but it works for us.

I think it takes 2 or 3 years to fully acclimate a new parent into Pack. Roughly 50% of parents in the den will step up, lead activities, join committee, and the other 50% will sit back and watch it all happen. Accept all the help you can get. Instead of waiting for them to ask, it's amazing how many parents will respond if you give them an assignment.

2. No venue. We dropped our charter org. and found a new one.

3. No council. I can't offer much advice here... Rely on your own abilities.

4. Cost. Fundraise. And don't just sell popcorn. Can you organize a bake sale? Does a local restaurant have fundraiser nights? Be creative.

5. Too wide an age range. I disagree. Of course our den meetings are structured separately with age appropriate activities. We use the Pack meetings and outdoor activities/campouts to let the kids mingle together. We've done a "Scout Olympics" where we split the Pack into evenly aged groups. Webelos lead and the others follow. It's amazing to watch how much the older kids want to teach and help, and the younger scouts want to follow and learn from them.

6. Outdoor vs. indoor. This depends on your venue... But I believe you can accomplish more outside than you think

7. Religion.  I assigned Duty to God as a "homework" assignment during the first meeting, checked on progress throughout the year, and relied on families to conduct it at home.

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