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Is there or is there not a uniform standard in Scouts BSA?

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Wow, I  remember that if you wanted to purchase a Scout uniform you had to take your BSA ID card to JC Penny.  There were clear guidelines which even stated what shoes to wear.   Folks were proud to wear their uniform and there was even a designated Scout Week where everyone could wear their uniform to school.   Now, it seems that the issue of proper uniform guidelines is dead in the water.  Everything is suggested or ignored.  Shorts, pants, skirts, kilts, lycra body suits, blue jeans or kaki military trousers.  Ball cap, campaign or bush hat, ostrich feathers or rooster tails.  How many knots can you wear, what patches can go over the right pocket, can I wear an old jamboree patch, what neckerchief can I  use, closed toe shoes or clogs.............the list and debate goes on and on.  I would just like to see Scout shorts and a Scout themed T-shirt at national events where everyone participating is representing Scouting, and not a Marianas parade🤐

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