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Shooting Sports – Fiesta!

 September 18-24, 2022 –PHILMONT TRAINING CENTER


Register by this link.


The Shooting Sports Fiesta is an innovatively spicy program for BSA Shooting Sports.  We will be introducing you to several zesty activities to do with all your Scouts.

Some examples of things being planned:

·         Shoot rimfire rifles out to 200 yards!!!!

·         Introduce and shoot a rimfire Shooting Competition

·         Muzzle loading shotguns – What a blast

·         Know Your Limits (KYL) targets for Scout Camps and other great new targets

·         3 Guns – How to for Venture

·         Cowboy action range – Bring your best Western wear Cowboys and Cowgirls

·         Air soft – What happen to it?

·         Chalkball/Paint ball – Wait, did you say paint? What does BSA allow?

·         LaPorte archery disks is for Sporting Arrows– Think your good, think again…….

·         Introduce a novel kind of slingshot – Innovation in action

Events will be focused on you and your shooting experience.

·         Shooting a rifle at 1001 yards (Summit Bechtel Reserve has a 1000 yard range. We had to be one yard better.) Will you hit the White Bull?

·         Sporting clays – Possible trip to the NRA Whittington Center

Educational sessions you have never heard of:

·         NRL 22 What is that?

·         NRA First Steps – How does that help with merit badges?

·         Shooting at a clays range as a beginner – What do you need to know and do?

·         Profitable Camp shooting operations. Wait this can make money for us??

·         Beyond just cleaning your guns with Hoppes No. 9

·         Hunting in Venturing – How do I make that happen?

·         The newest release of the BSA Shooting Sports Manual will be reviewed live by contributors! Ask your questions and give your Feedback.

·         The Week we will be doing a wide range of shooting activities following Shooting Sports Manual and the Guide to Safe Scouting that you probably are not doing at home with your Council.

Bring your competitive spirit. The SSF will be having a shooting competition for some of these activities.

Come join us for the time of your scouting life with loads of fun and learning spicy opportunities.

Questions? email Wesley Romberger at glaacshootingsports@gmail.com

Promo Shooting Sports Fiesta with Reservation.pdf

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