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At New England Base Camp in Milton, a summer camp run by the Boy Scouts of America, youth councilors are being trained on how to deal with extreme heat. Camp starts Monday, and as many as 800 kids will dissent [sic :D]  on Milton to swim, rock climb, canoe, kayak and play sports outside. 

The youth staff and councilors in training, usually between 14 and 18 years old, have been trained on how to make drinking water fun for kids, how to tell when they've had enough time outside and how to tell signs of dehydration or a more serious problem.

"When kids are running around their faces get red, they get sweaty they don't really realize what's going on with their own bodies, so we work to stop them, slow them down and have them check in with themselves," Ricky Savage, the camp's aquatics director, said. 

The camp's adult staff used this week's heat wave to demonstrate to councilors what they should be on the lookout for. 

"Something very important for them is to understand how their own bodies operate, when they need to drink themselves and what signs they see — then they can watch for those signs in campers," Nick Kerpan, program director, said. 


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