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On 6/14/2021 at 10:37 AM, qwazse said:

Well, if somebody is sending a scouter angry texts, that could explain shorter-than-average terms.:ph34r:

I am not sure why but it seems to have been planned that way, perhaps by the committee chair we had two people ago. 


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Posted (edited)

Update;  my husband (current SM) and CC connected and my husband is going to let this go.  He offered to talk with the former SM but they have not reached out to him to discuss.  CC will have my husband's back and we do not have any parent committee meetings until Fall so perhaps this will just fade away.  CC is committed to making sure that during troop committee meetings that people will speak up if they have things to say and will help with the communication pieces.  

Onward to a troop fundraiser today,  and bringing one of our kiddos home from NYLT this afternoon.  

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1 hour ago, WisconsinMomma said:

… so perhaps this will just fade away.  …

I admire the optimism. And, in fact, when folks start posting vulgar impersonal messages, I typically leave the conversation. As long as this guy isn’t using base rhetoric to other parents it could blow over.

On the other hand, arm-chair quarterbacking is the easiest sport in the world thanks to modern media (thus why my campfire is miles into back country and nowhere near cell towers). So it’s even odds that there’ll be a repeat.

I once came on a committee (not scouting) that was beleaguered by parent criticism. Not just any parents … These were seasoned, well qualified adults who should have known better than to expect more from staff and volunteers than they could provide. It took some firm, positive communication to get everybody on the same page. I got help with that so it didn’t sound like I was just randomly spouting off (again). It boiled down to a letter to parents saying: We will provide x you are expected to provide y. It went to every parent, even though much of it was designed to bring dissenters to a better place.

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