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Another reason not to hike in burned areas

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Los Angeles: ...said her missing 58 year old brother is an Eagle Scout and experienced hiker, but may have become disoriented because many trail markers were burned during the Bobcat fire last fall, according to KCBS.

“Since then (Bobcat fire), the Forestry Service has closed these areas and recommended hikers don’t go in them so that way nature can heal, as well as the trails can be fixed and the signs can be replanted,” LASD Sgt. John Gilbert said.

He was found in Angeles National Forest during an aerial search, and was "happy to be safe and airlifted by #LASD Air Rescue 5 after [a] massive search effort," the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department after 5 days.

Glad he is okay. Scout salute to rescuers.

Photos and more at sources



Sept, 2020: Bobcat fire damages parts of Camp Trask in Monrovia, CA.



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Around here, it is not uncommon to discover tornado ‘blow downs’ across a trail as if a giants finger pressed down a piled rug. And those are disorienting. I saw the burn scars in the Smokies a few weeks back, and would not want to hike through those ravines. I could only imagine the challenges of a fresh burn in the Rockies.

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Sounds like a much better eagle project than a bench or ga-ga ball pit.  Everything in that sounds like a scout-skill-heavy opportunity.  In addition to posting trail signs, often unknown or forgotten landmarks are visible in the burnt areas.  I often travel controlled burn areas for landmarks, shed hunting, and historical features to share.  What a way to show what Scouting can do and partner with local Forestry officials.

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