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When do Eagle Scout Candidates Start to Fund-raise?

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Good question.  Doting all t's and crossing all i's is always important.   

Yes, project plan and proposal must be approved before fundraising commences.  Fundraising plan should, of course, be a part of the approved project plan, yes? 

One Scout was renovating a charity's closet/bathroom/office space.   Plans included the plumber supervising donating materials and time. Some lumber to buy, sold donuts at a city fair.   Sonofagun, Plumbing Merit Badge came into play , too. 

Another Scout was rehabbing a barn at the County Fair.  Barn Super helped with plans ,  Fair Office provided materials.  Four H folks helped with incidentals. No extra funds necessary.  

County Parks Okayed the building of a bridge across a creek on a well traveled park trail.  Materials vouchered from Park surplus yard,  Scout arranged funds from the Park Foundation (privately supported), donations publicly encouraged to the foundation. 

There are ways to finance any worthy project.   

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SSScout yes, the fundraising plan should be part of the approved project plan and it's one of my concerns with booking a fund raiser far too early.  

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