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BSA Recalls Cub Scout Activity Pins Due to Lead 7/1/2020

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Yep.  Been there had to do that.   

Anything that a Scout wears, could wear , is REQUIRED to wear,  that is small, metallic and "pretty" is  considered "Children's Jewelry" by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.   They require that any such stuff be tested and certified that the item(s) be free of lead and other toxins.  "Because they are small and pretty and might go in the mouth and be chewed on by the child."  (that is the explanation we were once given).

This involves an expensive procedure for either each individual item, or the total production run of the item.  Religious Awards, Eagle medals, year stars,  activity pins,  beltloops, Awards of Merit,  summer activity cub pack pins, metal necker woggles, you name it.   Our Scout Faith Committee had to trash a bunch of older medals rather than have each one tested SEPERATELY, and opted for a new, certified production run.  

Sometimes the CPSC catches up with folks (like BSA and our Faith Committee) that deal in "children's jewelry" and request the certification paperwork.  If it is not forthcoming, Bam, the woggle/pin/medal gets pulled from the shelf and somebody is called on the carpet.  The manufacturer hopefully. 

Presto, a new collectable with a back story is created.   

Don't worry,  Silver Beaver medals are "adult jewelry"  and are not considered hazardous. Adults don't chew on their jewelry (?) ..... 

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