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For those house painting this summer...

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I was priming yesterday - brushing Benjamin Moore Fresh Start, rag wipe off trim, brush drip, rag wipe trim,... :laugh:

and this morning I read about this flawless mural...


What materials did you use to create this mural?  I used Behr house paint. It’s 100% acrylic latex. It’s the best thing to paint masonry. It’s very resilient to the sun and weather. I use a satin finish. I’ve used it for years and years.

How long did it take to create, and what was the creation process like?  I did the sketches first. It took a few days overall to formulate the original idea. Getting it approved by the board of the church took longer than anything else. It took a couple of months. I thought we weren’t going to start it. It took about two weeks from start to finish to do it.

The mural probably has about 10 coats of paint on it. Acrylic paint is something like watercolor because you have to layer it. You end up leaving a lot of color on the wall, particularly with skin tones. The gold medallion is a mix of yellows and golds.

More including motivation and when painted at source:


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Words around the medallion:

  • All Ages
  • Adventure
  • Coed
  • Values

Someone missed the memo on that third one! :ph34r:

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3 hours ago, RememberSchiff said:


CO sponsors Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturing, and GSUSA there.

No substance clicking through to the venturing crew, so you can take that one off of the table.

I suspect that there wasn't room for "separate but equal programs for girls also available."

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