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School Year 2020-2021, What does your area see?

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1 hour ago, Momleader said:

This is really going to make recruiting a challenge this year. Nevermind the $25 new to scouting fee in addition to registration fees & Council fees.  It would be helpful to be able to tell returning and New parents - we will meet at XYZ location every ‘Wednesday’ at this time unless there is a holiday or unsafe weather. 

No kidding.  It's was tough enough asking the parents to pony up the money when we knew that the meetings and activities would take place.  Asking them to pay a non-refundable annual fee for something that might not happen is ridiculous.  

Our Little League refunded the registration fees when the shutdown forced the cancellation of the baseball season.  Our football program is guaranteeing full refunds if the upcoming fall football season is cancelled.  The scouting programs gives no refunds on registration fees.  Parents are going to consider this when choosing between scouting and other activities.


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