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Sad Changes in camp program ☹️

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Money problems affect camp big time!

Our council - like others has money challenges and now changed the offerings for Cub Scout Camp opportunities.   Not really for the best either. 

This summer if parents from my community who want their cub to attend Cub Scout day camp will need to drive 1 hour each way to our council camp facilities (school bus will take longer since they can’t drive as fast as mom on the highways) Also if you want your child to attend Cub Scout resident camp you must either sign up for a full week program - they eliminated the 2 night mini-camp experience and the Cub & Me overnight camp portion. Granted it’s all because of numbers of campers and the costs involved but, Now there will be cubs who don’t qualify for camp scholarships who have families who might not be able to swing the full price of a week at camp OR who might not be able to attend a full week due to the time being too long for time off work or away from home (where the 2 night/3 day was doable). Eliminating Cub & Me means families with no prior camping experience or are unsure they want their child to do this type of camping won’t have a try before you buy experience. 
Our pack hasn’t sent a cub for the full week since I stopped going because I wasn’t able to  keep going as the leader when my sons crossed to the troop (DFS frowns on leaving minors home alone)  and no other cub leader had stepped in - but we can usually get some to the Cub&Me With their child.  

This is sad because there will be a large section of cubs who won’t get to do some really good activities that are only sanctioned at council events/camps such as BB shooting and archery. Not to mention swim tests for those without BSA test administrators/lifeguards (something really good for webelos so their first experience isn’t as a crossover)

What are other Cub leaders funding for this summer??

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I guess we are lucky here.  We have at least 9 locations for Cub Scout Day Camp in our council.

Our district if fairly large, so some of our families may have a 20 - 30 minute drive to the camp location, but that is considerably better than if they had to go to the council camp, which is 85 miles for me, and better than 100 for those in the south end of the district.

We have multiple Cub weekends at the council camp through out the year, and also have several resident camps available. 

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