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recruiting non-ball players

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Another thread prompted me to finally post this one. Perhaps also a hare-brained idea, but my brain just keeps coming back to the idea of marketing Scouting to non-ball players.

My son was never interested in ball sports. It's not that he hates it, he just doesn't care. I tried. Same for watching sports, he does not care a whit. And you know, that's fine, people are different.

We found Scouting a couple years ago. That patrol is his first opportunity to be on a team, plus all the other great things about Scouting. So, yeah, Scouting for the win.

I think there's an opportunity here for Scouting. Non-sportsy types and otherwise introverts like my son. Surely there's piles of 'em out there. Bonus: zero soccer game conflicts. The trick, I suppose, would be targeting recruiting to these youth while not excluding ball players.

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  1. Even in just the basic advancement program, Scouting offers a very broad range of subject matter, from wildlife study to swimming and cycling, compass use to hand axes, cooking to first aid, and much more, before you even get to the scores of subject areas covered by merit badges and STEM awards.
  2. You learn things that will be useful for the rest of your life, and you can become an expert in subjects that will amaze your friends and family.
  3. In Scouts BSA and Venturing, youth learn and advance at their own pace.
  4. You work on some things individually, some things as a team, and some things as a leader.
  5. Achievements are immediately recognized.
  6. There is nothing better than sitting in front of a campfire under a sky full of stars.

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