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The Latin Scot

Information about a slide!

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At our Camporall this past weekend, I found this delightful little neckerchief slide for $2 in a bin of predominantly commonplace or uninteresting slides. I fell in love with it at once, but it's history has eluded all my research and scouring of the internet. 

Can anybody offer any information about this little treasure? I would like to tell Scouts something about this whenever I wear it (which I am sure will be often), but at the moment I have absolutely nothing to go on. Any comments or help would be greatly appreciated; thank you!




slide 1.jpg

slide 2.jpg

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Here's one more picture, the only other one I've been able to find from an ebay listing that sadly included no details about the item itself. Hopefully somebody here will be able to give me some more history about this. Thanks!

slide 3.jpg

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Same slide shown on PicClick UK, but no information accompanies picture.


Same slide for sale on eBay from Canada, but no information accompanies picture.

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