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I had a tie-dye plastic file folder with rosters, med forms, check, etc ... 

Anything involving travel goes on the left side, in he order that we will use it. Anything involving the base on the right side. Ordered according to the base manual. Manila envelopes are your friend. A master list of who turned in what when is also essential.

Maps, brochures, geocache swag, shark ID guide, went in a separate folder/binder that I could pass around to the scouts while we were traveling.

Seabase is pretty thorough with check-in and they do their best to make you comfortable and not feel rushed.

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Like @qwazse said. I prefer zippered binders. If you have need things that don’t fit nicely into binders, zipper pencil bags or good old ziplocks (hole punched) are good. 

I like  to keep things organized by unit paperwork in front and Scouts alphabetically behind that. Being really overly organized I tend to use labeled dividers for each subject/scout. 

I always keep an identical binder for anything I need to turn in, which has come in handy on more than one occasion.

Any meds go in a lock box where I and two trusted adults have keys.

I will also keep extra cash/prepaid card for emergencies, ever since I had one Scouts pack become lost by the airline. I would not do that because a scout is careless or over spends, but for something out of their control I won’t let it ruin his trip or mine.

That is a particular issue with Sea Base as so many fly in and will not have time to wait for found luggage before departing on their adventure.

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