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Vintage Uniform QUESTION... CUBS B.S.A.

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I can't tell you about the buttons, but the "Cubs B.S.A." over the pocket appears to match this:


The page says the shirt is from 1940.  And notice the "angling" of the letters on the shirt, matching that on the neckerchief and the button.  I don't think I have ever seen that on a shirt before.  I am going to guess that it didn't look like that by the time I became a Cub Scout in 1966.

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The program we now call Cub Scouts was originally called "Cubs, B.S.A." and was referred to as "Cubbing" in all materials. In 1945 "Cubbing" became "Cub Scouts." So the shirt above must have been made between 1930 and 1945. A wonderful and, if I may say so, very well-preserved piece of history!

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