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It really does depend on the Scout and how well they absorb/retain info.  I've seen plenty of 13/14 yo that would benefit from it, but I'd hesitate to encourage them to go as they lack the maturity IMO to take the info and hold onto it.   As @Eagle94-A1 and @JoeBob state, what they do with the info/skills gained is going to depend an awful lot on their troop and the adult leadership.  My son chose to attend last year, course was literally just before his 14th birthday.  He came back with ideas, SM basically made him feel that it was "cute" he learned things, but never gave any direction of talk to the PLC and suggest XYZ, etc.   Son didn't get hard feelings about the rejection, felt the skills were ones he would use later in life, could be helpful to suggest to others how to improve their units (mentor), etc.  He went back as staff to this years course, and is going back for next years course as well.   Always important to remind the youth that as much as they are learning things for "the now", it's more important to learn for the future.  I know for most councils attending NYLT is an investment financially, but my advice is to encourage him to go.

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