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I have enjoyed being allowed to camp here and I appreciate the opportunity. I would like to thank Terry. I have learned from the other members, even the ones I disagreed with but sometimes I felt that there needed to be an official to call 'roughing the passer' or unnecessary roughness. Even when the calls were made, I have not always agreed with them but the game has been very fair. When a call was made it was done with good intent, good oversight and with a good explanation. When someone was thrown out, it may have been past time to act on the behalf of the community but once again, it was done rationally and with the intent to preserve what was here for now and later.


As for the Scouting archive concept, I understand that there needs to be some care in delivering good information to a reader but with the openness there must be a balance which takes a discerning eye to remove extraneous material when necessary. Any researcher must also be knowledgeable and be willing to censor as they read to write. If this site were to contain only mainline Scouting material, then it would be best to write or cite present day Scouting literature in response to all questions with little need for most of our musings. That is not what has occurred, there are many things here that are based on opinion and/or personal experience and may not be helpful to the novice or anyone else but that material is here.


Even with the amount and kinds of things that are written, I would challenge any individual to do a search on any Scouting subject in this Forum and to survey the depth of the information. Compare your results to the accusation of censorship that I also have brought up before and see if that is valid. You will find great information from many perspectives, websites for further information and all of the bickering. If you are reading here to write something of value, you will find some of the in-fighting interesting but most likely you will also toss it out as being unnecessary.


OGE and HOPS should be commended on their restraint or careful use of locking threads and their willingness to accept the responsibility of officiating with the resulting pressures from making strategic calls. Some may feel bored because the fireworks display is not always at its' zenith but there are other places to go for that kind of entertainment. The Internet is huge and has room for almost any interest. Once again I want to thank the officials for maintaining a good game yet giving us latitude.




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I, for one, don't see any relevance in complaining about a moderator's "bedside manner". I don't think of an internet forum in the same light as a radio talk show. That is, scouter.com as a private web site doesn't hold a license to use public bandwidth, while a radio station does hold a license to use public airwaves. If the latter can screen calls and use a delay to pre-empt content, the former certainly can. I don't get a vote on what color my neighbor paints his living room, and I also don't get a vote on how these web site forums are moderated. In short, it falls into the "none of my business" category, I think.


Regarding the archive/data base aspect, that may be the case, but as with anything written or spoken that becomes part of any archive anywhere, the concept of "let the buyer beware" applies 100%. There's a lot of worthless junk published every day, and some of it makes lots of money. The internet's no different, of course. Informed adults need to filter what they read/see, and come to their own conclusions.



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I have never been an active participant in a thread which closed.


Long before it gets to that point I have left the discussion anyway. I leave when I find the discussion pointless or rude.


I suppose you are fortunate that I am not a moderator.


Toughen up OGE and Hops ;)

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