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Help with a dedication ceremony!

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Early this summer, a new scout in my troop and his younger brother tragically drowned.  They were at their fathers house near a river and they somehow got washed away.  The younger brother was a Cub and the older brother had just become a Boy Scout in my troop.  I had only met him a couple of times.  This happened in May.


I wanted to do something for the boys parents and a member of my committee suggested a tree.  I worked with our local parks department and got a lovely tree planted and plaque erected in the boys honor.  The boys were members of 2 packs so I have been working with both Cub Masters and our local District.  Everything is finally completed and I have scheduled a dedication ceremony that both parents will be attending.  That is where I need help.


I know I need to do this...

The district is presenting the "Spirit of the Eagle" award to the two boys.

Our Chaplain Aid will give a prayer.


I am not sure what else to do so I thought I would ask the scouting braintrust!


Thanks, John


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John, what you've done sounds wonderful. You obviously care. The family of these boys will appreciate and find comfort in that. When it gets right down to it, that's the most you can do. The only other thing I can think of is make sure that tree is taken care of, especially until it is established. The pain of what happened will never go away for those parents, but maybe some day they'll look at that tree and feel some comfort.

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You can't imagine how much I wish I could tell you I had no experience in this sort of thing ...


But I can assure you that what you've done is plenty. Let your older scouts know your plan. Maybe your SPL could be the master of ceremonies and introduce everyone.


Matt is right about the maintenance.


But maybe what you could do is encourage the boys with a scoutmaster minute. The tree will grow, and likewise they should let the memory of their lost friends grow. They should also be quick to love the grieving parents. Stay in touch. Keep an eye on the tree. If the plaque needs repair let you know so together you can make a plan to fix it. And just like the tree you expect them to grow, and when they're grown come together underneath this tree, take a picture of yourselves, and give it to the parents.

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