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Informal Poll - Strictness Of Requirements?

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I have found that the scouts in my den really do not have time to complete the homework I ether skip the home work part or incorporate in to the den meeting or subsitute

Direct from the 1st page of the Guide to Advancement:


Policy on Unauthorized Changes to Advancement Program No council, committee, district, unit, or individual has the authority to add to, or subtract from, advancement requirements. There are limited exceptions relating only to youth members with special needs. For details see section 10, “Advancement for Members With Special Needs.â€


I can't disagree with you more.

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It's not the boys refusing to do daily observations. It's the parents who don't support it. So we can modify the requirements so that the scouts can learn about the subject, or we can skip the BL and the scouts learn nothing. I'm not opposed to doing activities without awards, either, but in Cub Scouts it seems silly to come so close and not give the recognition.


Please explain to me how there is no scientific integrity in using data collected by other scientists and applying simple statistics to facilitate conclusions? Or are you proposing that scientists are able to use only their own, original data? Because that doesn't jive with my experience as yes, a scientist. I assure you that if the cubs were to publish their conclusions, the National Weather Service would be given due credit.


For starters, you are NOT permitted to modify the requirements.  What you are permitted to do is cover the material as you are currently doing and then inform the scouts what they need to do to complete the requirement.  IF they complete the work, they can then get the BL or mark the achievement/elective as complete.  Under no circumstances is a scout entitled to award.  And they are especially not entitled to one, if they don't have the motivation to complete the requirements as listed.  You can still teach them as you are currently doing.  That definitely has benefit and is a worthy endeavor.  But your actions are part of a greater societal problem where we reward people for just showing up.  

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