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Easy and Good Camp Food

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Since you only have 5 Scouts, talk to your families about what they would like.


Find out about allergies, and dietary restrictions.


What kind of facilities, and equipment will you have?


How many meals are we talking about here?


It will be a lot easier to manage with only a small group.


Foil packets, if you have the use of a nice size fire pit, and with a small group, can be fun. Pre-prep, and pre-cook, most of the stuff at home so the kids don't end up with raw meat.


However, if you have grates to put over the fire, or a camp stove, you can cook just about anything that you do at home.



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Foil dinners, as long as you have a campfire or other means to create a bed of coals. At our favorite campsite, I can feed 70 people in about an hour. Nice big fire ring and lots of pre-prepped ingredients to chose from, its popular because everyone gets what they want.


Our second most favorite site has electricity, so we do pulled pork sandwiches (purchased and heated in a slow cooker) along with vegetables with ranch dip.


It all depends on what you have to work with and the manpower you have to pull it off.


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I second the dietary restriction part. Be sure to have backup plans in place for people who cannot eat certain foods due to allergies, personal preferences, and the like.


A lot of people have mentioned meat-centric meals so far. Make sure you have some vegetarian options in the cookbook; even if you don't have any vegetarians this year, you may get one next year. Usually, this is pretty easy to accommodate--they have veggie burgers, veggie hot dogs, and skewers that can be done with peppers and other veggies rather than meat.


Likewise, be aware a lot of people are cutting gluten out of diets. It's worth it to have some corn tortillas, rice crackers, and the like on hand if you know you have anyone who is sensitive or restricted in their diet. Be open to having kids with special restrictions bring something if need be.


As far as good recipes, one that my friends and I have made--even today as adults--when we cook out (camping or otherwise) is a pizza-type creation that I think we call "mountain pie" (I call it "campfire pizza" but your term may differ). You'll need some bread, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, and whatever toppings you want. (Bring a pack of pepperoni and some diced peppers and you should please most people; again, if you have anyone with restrictions, be sure to get gluten-free bread in addition to regular bread and make sure the cheese doesn't contain rennet if you've got vegetarians on hand).


Make the sandwich by spreading sauce and cheese between the two pieces of bread. Put any toppings in there as well, Then, grill it in a campfire sandwich roaster (for lack of a better name) and you've got yourself a great campfire pizza.


Really craving one of these now...do I really want to brave the negative wind chill and attempt to build a fire now though??

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