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Thanks Folks, The CO is a church. I plan on going and speak to them and inform them what I have found. He has already went and talked to the CO and the DC to have me removed. The DC stated he doesn't take sides and he represents the council and district. DC stated that COR/CC got approval from CO to remove me. guess I must be a big threat

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Write sWell, as has happened before in many other thread presentations, we have an ongoing drama. We have some of the back story, but certainly not all. We are not even a "fly on the wall". We here in the etherworld of Scouter.com can sympathize, advise and pragmatize but that is all.


As a volunteer, Bayoustar, the CO is under no real obligation to even tell you why your services are no longer appreciated or desired. Good Christian courtesy might seem to require that they come and make things clear, however. It may or may not have to do with your inquiries into the Pack policy and finances. It may well be something else. I can't even guess from this distance.


I once had a difference of opinion with a Scout situation, and it took MONTHS to track down someone who was honest and open enough to explain to me what the actual problem was. Things were then cleared up and policy was changed for the benefit of future folks, but in that particular situation, it was, as they say, MY water under the bridge.


It will be ultimately up to you to say how far you wish to pursue this, for your sense of justice, for the perceived benefit of the CO (reputation?) and Scout families to come.


I wish you and your family and Cub especially ("It's for the kids") good Scouting!



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