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  1. Thanks Folks, The CO is a church. I plan on going and speak to them and inform them what I have found. He has already went and talked to the CO and the DC to have me removed. The DC stated he doesn't take sides and he represents the council and district. DC stated that COR/CC got approval from CO to remove me. guess I must be a big threat
  2. WOW this just gets better. Got I call from them today saying they are removing me as cubmaster
  3. This is the account I looked up. noticed deposit made to this account from our pack account and there personnel account
  4. Thanks for the replies. He does attend the district committee meetings and roundtables. They do a great good organizing the pack events. But it seems all they care about is getting the scouts all the awards they can. Which is good. There has never been any reports on pack funds or popcorn sales or recharter dues collected at any of our committee meetings which they handle. . I have talked to other people that serve on other non-profit committees. They have told me that there meeting always cover the financial state of the NPO. Correct me if I am wrong, But what I was told at training is the t
  5. Hey all I need some advice on some issues with our pack's COR/CC. Basically it is him and his wife one is COR/CC and the other is Treas. My position is CM. They are very controlling I have other leaders and parents also telling me this. I have went and got trained and have tried to bring back what I learned. They don't want to get on board with what I want to do. They have started side stepped me. By emailing den leaders and omitting me from the emails. There is no accountablity or transparency. I have tried to talk to them one on one. But they get very defensive and shut me dowm. T
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