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Staff needed for Summit Adventure Base summer program

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April 2, 2014


"...Starting in June, the BSA plans to run an estimated 5,000 Scouts through The Summit’s high adventure base over a 10-week period. The BSA hopes to see that number grow to 50,000 in future summers, but Christen High Adventure Base Director Dave Kopsa said the inaugural year of the high adventure base is being launched on a smaller scale.


Within the Boy Scouts, high adventure programming is designed to be exciting, challenging camping outings for ages 13 years and up.



Kopsa said that manpower is necessary to operate all of the Summit’s adventure venues, and applications for seasonal employment are currently being accepted.


Applicants should anticipate working from late May to mid August, Kopsa said. The lowest salary range starts at $1,090 a month. (As I understand, minimum wage in WV is $7.25/hr)


Positions include managers and operators of each of various adventure sports venues as well as support positions, Kopsa said.


Individuals do not need to have been Scouts to apply, but applicants must be at least 18 years of age.


For more on The Summit’s high adventure base or to apply for a seasonal position, visit wwwsummithighadventure.org."

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