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Region Divisions

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I've heard several users say that they are from SR7A, SR7B, and SR6N. Are these divisions referring to the order by which they are listed on the region websites?

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The BSA is currently divided into four geographic regions (Northeast, Southern, Central, Midwestern). Each region is subdivided into numbered Areas to support and in someways supervise 10-12 local councils.


At the region level, the Order of the Arrow has an elected youth Region Chief, appointed Regional Advisor (adult volunteer), and Regional Staff Advisor (BSA professional within the region).


At the area level, the OA is divided into sections. Each area has one or more sections. In areas with more than one section, a differentiating letter is assigned to the section either sequential (A,B, and sometimes C) or geographical (N/S, E/W, there's also P for the Pacific islands portion of Western Area 6)


Each section has an elected youth Section Chief, appointed Section Advisor (adult volunteer), and Section Staff Advisor (BSA professional working for a council in the section). Areas with more than one section may appoint an Area Adviser to be the OA's representative on the Area Committee. There are no Area Chiefs


Northeast: http://northeast.oa-bsa.org/sections


Central: http://central.oa-bsa.org/sections


Western: http://western.oa-bsa.org/sections


I don't have a Southern Region section map, but this is the area map from 2008. http://blog.oaimages.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/bsa-sr09.jpg Note that Areas 2 and 3 have combined for administrative purposes. So the OA sections are actually SR-2/3 N and SR-2/3 S.

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