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No to your question. The SM is just along for the ride. It is the Scouts COH, not the SM's. As asked and stated in another thread, the SM doesn't have to be the person actually handing out the Eagle Medal to the Scout, it can be whom ever the Scout wants.


Now if there is something that would questionably be in bad taste in the ceremony, then I think it's advisable to have a sit down, and discuss the potential problem and a possible alternative, but ultimately it is up to the Scout.


I know my sons COH being held at summer camp this summer, might raise a few eyebrows. The Council's 80 year camp honors program is steep in political incorrectness and occasionally offensive to the Native community. If the COH goes off as planned, there will be Tribal Elders present (some from as far as Canada), possible singers (drummers), probably a smudging (Native blessing using incense made from sweet grass, sage and tobacco, sort of like incense of Frankincense and Mirth at Easter and Xmas Mass).


The former SM will be there and will probably have a problem, but will not let it interfere. The new SM will be more curious then anything. Council and Camp Staff, we'll have to wait and see.


My son plans on having the former SM (his SM) make the presentation. I'm not sure, but he might change his mind when he finds out who all is coming, and might pass that responsibility of to an Elder friend from the Tribe.


Good luck with the SM.

By thre way, what is the preceived problem?

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