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Pinewood Derby Awards

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My pack tries to give something to every car...as a way of recognizing all the work that went into building the car, and to make the day more engaging for the boys that may not have cars that are as competitive. The way it works is that one of the adults has a list of potential awards (most artistic, best use of the color yellow, scout spirit, most interesting, fastest looking, etc.) figured out ahead of time, and will then walk around the 'paddock' and decide which cars to give which award to.


We DO of course have cars that are faster than others, and some boys still get upset about losing/not winning (choose your preferred term), so it isn't like a "soccer where everyone wins" event, but it is still nice that everyone gets some kind of recognition for the effort.

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Just had our race yesterday

My sone won the den race, but didn't place in the finals......

He wasn't being a sore looser at all in this discussion, but in talking about the day he was disapointed that he didn't get a trophy..... then I found myself having to explain that he actually won. The guys that got the trophy won a second round of races, but the district only takes the winners form each den, not the finals.....


Personally, I'd rather have the medal than the trophy, but I'm not looking at it as a 7 year old.....




So, in hind sight I find myself asking two questions:


Why don't we give cheap trophies to the den placers?


Why do we even bother with the finals race?




Now I'm thinking it would be as good or even better to award trophies based on the den races, and then just show the overall pack rankings based on the den numbers. Maybe bigger trophies for those top three..... We could have gone home an hour earlier with the same result!




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