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Independent Summer Camp

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I've done the self-made summer camps and they are a lot of fun. The schedule is so much more relaxed and the boys aren't having to rush off to do MB's or having to get to the waterfront at a certain time when it's open. One year we did a primitive camp on an island that was about 100 yards away from a landing in town. They learned how to set up a real camp with latrine, used water filters, etc. and cooked their own meals. They got to fish, canoe, boat, sail, hike, nature trails and basically explored a deserted island over the course of the week. Even after many years, the boys have always thought the experience was their worst and best. Even with the hassles of not getting MB's and lack of program, they always say it was their most memorable and in fact most fun as a summer camp. The major thunder storm that rolled in during the middle of the week did a lot to "dampen" their spirits. :) But coupled with a camp they picked out to go to and the self-made camp, the last choice each year they voted on was always the local council camp.

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