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When I speak of Venturing uniforms, I always point out the official National one, which I wear.


BUT, I always point out there are other options, and cite examples I have seen. These include:


* aloha shirts (with all the patches, as you see here)

* "fishing shirts" (again, sometimes with all the patches, sometimes just an embroidered logo)

* polo shirts (once, with all the patches)

* tshirts (with either an embroidered or usually a silk screen design)

* denim shirt (not yet seen, but could be done with embroidered design)

* vest with patches (seen once with a crew/troop located in a youth detention facility)



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My crew had polos with a crew logo/venturing logo... and I've seen one crew with overalls/lots of denim - model rail roading! Pretty awesome.


It's a youth program - I find the patches tacky - but if that's how they want to identify great. Polos were nice because they were good for activities and out in the public for bowling nights and such.

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