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I just had this pop into my head the other day. I am a Assistant Scoutmaster, so I will give this to our Scoutmaster and see if I can present it.



Speaker has a box sitting at there feet. They pull out a flag size piece of cloth. It is wrinkled and wadded up into a ball.


" I want you to look at this and tell me if this was a US flag, would this be the correct way to store it? " Hopefully they all say no. " Well why not, it's just a piece of cloth?" You then pull out a properly folded flag. "Is this the correct way it should be stored? They all say yes.

You then pull out a scout shirt all wadded up in a ball. You ask them about this piece of cloth. Is this the correct way of storing it? You point out that this shirt has there troop number, there council patch, there badge of rank. Is this showing respect to those things. You finally point out that it also has a US flag on the sleeve. You then pull out a uniform shirt that is hanging on a hanger, or folded neatly. Ask them if this is more like it.


This came to me, becouse I have seen more than one scout wad up there uniform, and not treat it with respect. I hope this gets the message across.

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