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Mo' Chaplain Stuff: Setting a Fire Correctly

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I found this hanging next to a Friends fireplace. Perhaps this should be in the SM Minute section? For your consideration...


"Lighting a Fire" by John Oxenham (1852-1941)


Kneel always when You light a fire,

Kneel reverently and Thankful be

For Gods unfailing Charity.

And on ascending Flame inspire

A little Prayer which shall upbear

The Incense of your Thankfulness

For this sweet Grace of Warmth and Light!

For here again is Sacrefice

For your Delight.


Oak, Elm, and Chestnut, Beech and Red Pine Bole

God shrined HIS Sunshine and entombed

For you these stores of Light and Heat,

Your Life Joys complete.

These all have Died that you might Live:

Yours now the High Prerogative

To Loose their Long Captivities,

And Through their Long Captivities,

A wider Life to Give.


Kneel Always when you light a fire,

Kneel reverently.

And Grateful be

For Gods unfailing Charity.



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