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New Adventure Website! Seeking Members Now!

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Hello fellow scouts! I'm a 1999 Eagle from T159, Lindstrom, MN. I've recently developed an outdoor adventure website and am here hoping to make a successful announcement. It is non-commercial and legitimate. It's also FREE. Just an honest and fun website geared toward outdoor adventure. Now that it's mostly built, I am on a quest to recruit members. I was brainstorming one night when I realized that scouts would make ideal members! Not only am I a scout myself and have strong connections and respect for scouting, but I know how scouts think, which exactly the kind of people who would appreciate my website and I would love to have as members. Please take a look if you're interested and disregard this promotion if you're not. Also note : I'm an airline pilot, not a computer guru. So I have absolutely no official training on web building or design. It's really an ongoing work in progress. I am always modifying it to be more user friendly and adding new software and features to strengthen it's appeal. If you are interested in volunteering as a forum moderator, assisting in web development, or other helpful tasks, please let me know. I could use some help. I look so forward to seeing you on my site! I'm also always on a quest for my next big adventure and am always looking for fellow adventurers, especially scouts!



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