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  1. Hello fellow scouts! I'm a 1999 Eagle from T159, Lindstrom, MN. I've recently developed an outdoor adventure website and am here hoping to make a successful announcement. It is non-commercial and legitimate. It's also FREE. Just an honest and fun website geared toward outdoor adventure. Now that it's mostly built, I am on a quest to recruit members. I was brainstorming one night when I realized that scouts would make ideal members! Not only am I a scout myself and have strong connections and respect for scouting, but I know how scouts think, which exactly the kind of people who would a
  2. Hello! I'm glad to have found these forums. I'm a 1999 Eagle out of T159, Lindstrom, MN. Been out of boyscouting for ten years now and well involved in all of life's other exciting activities. I really miss my scouting days, and decided that I should find some way to get involved again. I'm a self-proclaimed adventure guru and I'm sure much of my outdoor and traveling activities now are a direct result of my scouting background. I've thought about possibly becoming an aviation merit badge counselor and will probably look into that further when I can. I don't have any boys of my own yet,
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