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InsaneScouter Problem

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First, I want everyone to know in the next week or so InsaneScouter will be down because the server power pack needs to be replaced (its still working but don't know for how long). The down time should be very short, less then an hour depending what else needs to be done, like updating the operating server and if any other problems are discovered. Many of you may also notice we have a new home page, which I am still not happy with, please feel free to offer feedback.


We are in the process of brining a development server online so that we can make all the needed updates and additions to the site, without interfering with the live site. That way they don't go live till perfected. The development server is ready to go online, minus a hard drive. We would also like to start raising funds to fully upgrade the motherboard, cpu and memory of both servers in the coming months. The power packs were bought with the revenue generated from the ads on the site. We could really use your help. If you would like to donate hardware contact us and we will try and make arrangements to cover shipping fees. If preferable, we can accept cash donations through paypal (sales@insanescouter.org), for other options please contact us.


Please note, the servers belong to InsaneScouter but are ran from the data farm where I work. I manage all the servers and workstations for the small company. However, that company is having some economic problems and can't help more then it already has.


On a positive note, the January newsletter is complete and ready to send, (yeah I know its February) and I will have the February newsletter ready in a week or two. We plan to send both newsletters at the same time, hopefully in the middle of February.


I appreciate you taking the time to fully read and understand our situation and thank you for any support you may be able to offer.

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